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Copy dates for the Thurmaston Times 2018/2019

April/May 2018
Final Copy date Friday 9th March out week ending 31st March

June/July 2018
Final Copy date Friday 4th May out week ending 26th May

August/September 2018
Final Copy date Friday 29th June out week ending 21st July

October/November 2018
Final Copy date Friday 7th September out week ending 29th September

December 2018/January 2019
Final Copy date - Friday 2nd November out week ending - 24th November

February/March 2019
Final Copy date - Friday 4th January 2019 out week ending - 26th January

Articles/Reports/Press releases: It is appreciated if copy is supplied by these dates, if copy is received after the final copy date we will do our best to include it. You may forward articles, press releases or any other information for inclusion in the Thurmaston Times. Publication at the editors discretion. (Photographs or logos sent by email or on disc should preferably be in .jpeg format)

If possible please limit copy to around 250 words if supplying a picture/logo or 300 words if text only.
Longer articles may be edited to fit available space.

Advertising: To guarantee inclusion in the issue required please book and pay for your advert by the final copy date.

We make every endeavour to adhere to the above dates, however, the Thurmaston Times cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred to any business, advertiser, group, organisation or person who promotes a service, date or event and the Thurmaston Times is produced or distributed after the dates shown above, howsoever the delay is caused.
The Thurmaston Times will make every effort to include information supplied into the issue(s) specified.

If you have any queries on any matter please do not hesitate to contact
Mick or Lynn Westwood at the Thurmaston Times, 814 Melton Road, Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 8BE
Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9.00am - 5.00pm, Friday 9am-1pm
or Telephone 0116 269 5327, email: